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At cityWILD we believe people build character and learn best through experiences, opportunities for reflection, and the presence of supportive guidance. Programs at cityWILD set high expectations, promote caring relationships, and create opportunities for meaningful participation. cityWILD provides a safe setting in which students can excel as critically thinking, engaged, resilient, resourceful, and capable young adults.

cityWILD engages middle school and high school youth who, for variety of reasons, face significant challenges in their homes, schools, and communities.  We support these young people in building upon their resilience, celebrating their identities, and walking along side them as they unleash their full potential.

In order for youth to thrive, cityWILD believes young people need:

  • A place to belong– community

  • Opportunities to connect with the natural world

  • Places to fully celebrate and honor their culture and identity

  • Supportive adults to offer guidance and modeling

  • Opportunity to experiment, explore, and learn from mistakes

  • Honest and supportive feedback to support their growth

Students who participate in cityWILD programs can expect growth in these areas:

  • Leadership and Engagement

  • Social Emotional Skills

  • Outdoor Skills

  • Community Participation


The extent of a student’s growth in cityWILD depends primarily on their level of commitment and the duration of their participation. cityWILD offers over 150 days of programming per year both during the school year and in the summer. Check out our programs for more information!

Read more about our approach here:  Core Frameworks

View our logic model here: Logic Model

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