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Tash Mitchell, Program Coordinator
720-495-0277 |


Sandy Douglas, Community Connector


Juanita Espino de Luevano, Community Connector (habla español)


MY Outdoor Colorado (MOC) is a visionary approach to connecting youth with the outdoors through strategic partnerships that provide access to nature education, recreation and skill-building opportunities. Access to the outdoors fosters a greater appreciation of the natural environment, provides opportunities to build an ethic of stewardship, and helps youth experience potential careers in the outdoors.

MY Outdoor Colorado is 1 of 15 Great Outdoors Colorado Generation Wild coalitions in the state.  Supported in part by lottery funds, Generation Wild aims to connect youth and their families with the outdoors, developing places to play and connect with nature; programs that activate those places; and pathways to community stewardship and leadership roles that help maintain them.

The MOC Coalition in Cole Neighborhood
Several nonprofit organizations have meaningfully partnered to create an ecosystem of support for youth and family connections to nature and the outdoors.  These organizations include:

Additionally, MOC is providing support to neighborhood schools who want to provide their students with nature-based experiential learning opportunities: Annunciation, Wyatt, and Bruce Randolph (NOT Sure if we want to list school names as the priority schools may change over time)

While there are nonprofit and community-based organizations at the table, the MY Outdoor Colorado effort in Cole Neighborhood, has been informed and shaped around youth and their families. At the core of the MOC coalition is the belief that youth in Cole neighborhood have a right to access all of the health, recreational, social and emotional benefits that nature has to offer.


The MOC coalition offers:

  • Year-round nature-based programming covering during-school and out-of –school time

  • Year-round backyard and back country family and community activities and outings

  • Summer youth employment and internship opportunities

  • Cultural competency and inclusion workshops to further address barriers to accessing nature and the outdoor

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