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This is an invitation to join cityWILD in supporting youth to succeed in reaching their wildest dreams.

Accepting this invitation means that you are joining a powerful community of committed partners dedicated to connecting youth with the wisdom and beauty of the outdoors. You are raising your voice for equal access to all that nature has to offer, and most importantly, you are letting these young people know that they have the support of caring adults behind them as they surmount challenges in their personal, academic, and work lives.  In short, you are joining the adventure!


Envisioning Your Commitment:

  • A donation of $20 provides one participant with their own skill-builder journal, allowing them to track their progress in gaining outdoor, interpersonal, and leadership skills.

  • A donation of $50 provides a week’s worth of meals for two participants attending Junior River Raft Guide training.

  • A donation of $150 provides nutritious snacks for all cityWILD After School Program participants for one month.

  • A donation of $2000 provides opportunities for eight students to take part in comprehensive equine therapy programs for up to six weeks.

No matter what you are able to contribute, we hope you will join us as a partner in helping youth ACHIEVE THEIR WILDEST DREAMS!

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