| cityWILD Adventures

November 29, 2017

After-School Programming

cityWILD’ After School Program is offered four afternoons a week for students, and is held on-site at cityWILD facilities.  During programming, 30-45 minutes is dedicated for students to do homework and/or participate in educational activities such as trivia games, chess/checkers and crossword puzzles.  Each day has different programmatic focus opposite to homework;

Life Skills – cityWILD students participate in experiential lessons around skills such as financial education and management, drug/alcohol/tobacco prevention, health and nutrition, etc.  Lessons from Life Skills are translated to outdoor activities and vice-versa.

Service Learning – cityWILD utilizes the EarthForce 6-step process for service learning.  Students identify issues in their neighborhood, investigate them, and come to consensus on what issues to address.  After deciding on the issue they wish to address for the year, students create a project that will create sustainable, positive change for their neighborhood.

Outdoor Education – cityWILD students learn about a variety of outdoor activities throughout the course of the year and the skills they need to participate in them such as knot tying and belaying for rock climbing.  Students also learn additional skills to help them in them be safe and succeed in the outdoors.  These skills include but are not limited to; Leave No Trace principles, First Aid, Hydration, and Water Treatment.

Outdoor Activity – One day a week students get to participate in activities to practice the skills they have learned in Outdoor Education, and prepare for more expansive trips into the field through cityWILD’s Weekend Adventures and Summer Expeditions.  Activities that student participate in include but are not limited to rock climbing, white water rafting, hiking, biking, and swimming.