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November 28, 2017

Kenia Monge Leadership Award

Kenia Monge Leadeship Award

kenia monge picture (2)Kenia’s story: Kenia Monge is a former cityWILD student and Crew Leader.  She was abducted and killed while in LoDo with friends in March 2011.  Kenia arrived in the United States from Honduras in 2004 to join her mother, step-father, and brother and sister.  Kenia Monge began participating in cityWILD in 2006. Though she was quiet and reserved, Kenia quickly became a confident, gregarious leader.  Kenia was awarded the Mayor’s Youth Award in 2007 for her ability to overcome obstacles in her life.  She was also hired to be a Crew Leader at cityWILD.  Kenia took her leadership responsibilities seriously by holding students accountable and by consistently being a role model for her peers and younger students.

Students gravitated toward Kenia, drawn in by her infectious laughter and her dynamic charisma.  Kenia exemplified cityWILD’s developmental themes of personal empowerment, leadership, and community participation.  In order to honor Kenia’s memory, each year cityWILD will select an individual who demonstrates extraordinary commitment in the areas of personal empowerment, leadership, or community participation to be the recipient of the Kenia Monge Leader of the Year Award.  The award is presented at cityWILD’s annual Rendezvous event, held each September.

Award Recipients:

2012 – Tony and Maria Lee (Kenia’s parents)

2013 – Julie Voyles

2014 – Ale Basquez

2015- SJ Casillas

2016- Rosa Molina

2017- Tash Mitchell