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December 1, 2017

Duckie on the Arkansas River

White water rafting and duckies are also used by cityWILD in its youth development programming. cityWILD rafts on the Arkansas River near Buena Vista, CO and on the S. Platte River in Denver.

Rafting experiences teach students about teamwork, discipline and risk, among other characteristics.  They take these lessons from the outdoors and translate them back to their everyday lives.  For example, by identifying risks on the river, students can use that skill to identify risks in their lives.  In 2010-2011, 76% of students think more carefully about their actions than before attending cityWILD.

Also, students who continue with cityWILD, can become junior raft guides (and eventually adult raft guides), a first time work experience and excellent character building job.  You can support cityWILD and give more work to our students by booking your own trip on either river.  Click here to learn more!