| cityWILD Adventures

November 28, 2017

Junior Guides

cityWILD hires local youth ages 14-17 to become junior rafting and rock climbing guides.  Similar to Crew Leaders, this is often a first work experience for these youth.

Junior Rafting Guides attend their own guide school and Junior Climbing Guides receive small group training, learning and attaining the same skills required to be a certified guide in the state of Colorado – except that they are not 18, which is a state requirement for a certified raft guide.  They work alongside trained and certified guides who mentor them along the way.  Working as a raft or climbing guide is an excellent leadership opportunity as students learn to take on the responsibility, safety and leadership of an entire boat or belaying and supporting climbers.

If you participate in a cityWILD rafting trip on the S. Platte River in Denver, Junior Guides are an integral part of this operation.  They are frequently seen giving the ‘safety talk’ and guiding boats in the presence of a certified adult guide.  Junior guides frequently become fully certified adult guides.

cityWILD hires its Junior Guides in April and May each year.