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December 1, 2017

Youth Leaders

Jr. Leaders and Crew Leaders are an integral part of the cityWILD program. Youth fulfill these necessary positions as role models and guides for younger students. Students that demonstrate great leadership potential have an opportunity to earn positions of prestige and responsibility within the program.

Middle School participants who participate in the program for a minimum of one year and have worked on leadership goals have an opportunity earn the title of Junior Leader. They must fulfill a list of requirements including demonstrating role model and teaching potential. Middle School students who remain in leadership roles into their high school years have an opportunity for part-time employment as Crew Leaders.

Crew Leaders are High School students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and a willingness to take on additional responsibility in the program. They have earned a part time job working as assistant instructors with program activities.

Both Junior Leaders and Crew Leaders play an integral role in the cityWILD leadership program. These students work as ‘staff’ and act as role models for younger students. They participate in regular day to day programming, while receiving additional development for their professional growth and personal goals.  When possible, these students get access to Individual Development Accounts (IDA’s) which provide matching funds for savings towards higher education and other needs.