| cityWILD Adventures

December 10, 2016


At cityWILD we believe Leadership is a skill learned through experience, and taught by example. To support and nurture our students, we set high expectations, promote caring relationships, and create opportunities for meaningful participation. cityWILD provides a safe setting in which students can excel as thinking, capable young adults.

cityWILD targets middle school and high school youth who are at-risk for a variety of reasons including the presence of risk factors in their schools, community, and families.

For youth to be successful leaders, they need:
• A place to belong = Community
• People to look up to = Role Models
• Opportunity to experiment = Learning
• Someone looking out for them = Feedback

Students who participate in cityWILD’s Leadership Program can expect growth in these areas; Leadership, Personal Development, and Community Participation. The extent of a student’s growth in cityWILD depends primarily on their level of commitment and the duration of their participation. cityWILD offers over 150 days of program per year.

cityWILD motivates participants to reach their potential at school, at home and in their communities – and they succeed.