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November 29, 2017

Inclusiveness Work

In 2005 cityWILD was awarded funding for two years from the Denver Foundation to participate in the first round of the Expanding Nonprofit Inclusiveness Initiative (ENII). The purpose of this initiative is for nonprofits to become more inclusive of diverse communities in every aspect of their organization. Although this funding was limited to two years, cityWILD continues to be fully committed to continuing this work on an ongoing basis and is incorporated into our strategic plan.

In 2010, cityWILD applied for and received an Inclusiveness technical assistance grant from the Denver Foundation’s Inclusiveness Project.  This grant focused on receiving feedback from a wide range of cityWILD constituents; board members (present and past), donors, staff, volunteers, and students.  The feedback gathered will help to inform cityWILD Inclusiveness committee as it works to move the organization forward within this realm.