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December 1, 2017

cityWILD Student Selected for NOLS and SStS Trips!

Support Paulina’s Adventures

Paulina is a dynamic and courageous 4th year student at cityWILD who is now a Crew Leader mentoring and teaching younger students.  This summer, she has two incredible opportunities to develop both her leadership and technical skills through partnerships with Students Shoulder to Shoulder (SStS) and National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

In June, Paulina has been invited to participate in a service-learning course with SStS, where she will visit Pine Ridge Lakota Native American Reservation.  While at Pine Ridge, Paulina will learn about the cultural traditions of the Lakota people.  She will also work to support efforts to restore the buffalo herds by building fences for a new buffalo pasture.
In July, Paulina has been accepted to participate in a 30 day backpacking course in the Wind River Wilderness near Laramie,Wyoming. While on course, Paulina will have the opportunity to practice teamwork, learn expeditionary behaviors while living in the alpine mountains, rock climb, and learn the technical skills necessary for back-country travel.
Please consider making a donation specifically to support Paulina on her adventure, which will in turn aid her in continuing her leadership for other cityWILD participants!
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